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Agent Orange

Postby PingJocky » 12 Aug 2015 20:20

Mark Dallner here. Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and according to the Skipper's letter we were exposed. I did submit a disability claim on A/12/15 with a copy of the Skipper's letter. The American Legion rep stated that 5-6 months for a determination on the claim.

The first question out of his mouth was,"Were you in country?"

Has anyone else had similar issues that you are willing to discuss? My contact information follows.

Mark Dallner
3330 S 19th St
Milwaukee WI 53215-4912
414-378-9818 USS Kirk stories and Veteran's resources.
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Re: Agent Orange

Postby PingJocky » 26 Nov 2015 12:20

Well, it is Thanksgiving 2015 and I am cancer and prostate free... Surgery on October 5th went fine. Post op report is that my prostate was 37% involved with cancer and there is a 93% prognosis of being cured. The lymph nodes they took and did a pathology report on did not show any cancer involvement outside the prostate.

The claim with the VA continues. They wanted the last five years of medical records from my primary care. Only 200 pages that got mailed.

The big challenge from the VA is that we were not in country. That was the first question. Where were you in country. I did send copy of the Skipper's letter.

I will post more as I know more.

Life is good. Going to see the grandkids next week.

It is amazing how many men came out of the woodwork and told me of the history of prostate issues. Very treatable disease. Keep on top of your health issues, what ever they may be.

Saw the second LCS commissioned here in Milwaukee. The first was the USS Freedom and the second was the USS Milwaukee.

Fair Winds and a following sea.
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