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Rest in Peace, RMC Robert Randall (1946-2012)

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Rest in Peace, RMC Robert Randall (1946-2012)

Postby ET_Luebker » 01 Oct 2012 17:38

Just learned on another forum that Robert Randall, RMC, USN (Ret.) had passed away. Served with him 1985-86 onboard the Kirk, and thought this was a good place to remember him for a moment or two: RMC Randall ("Chief Sparks") was one of those Vietnam-era sailors who could still be found during my days in the USN, and was a veritable fount of "Old Navy" knowledge: While he could never get used to how I decorated my seabag with flag patches of the countries I'd seen, and other Subic "fancywork" during my Kirk years, he was a very good example of leadership for this then-young ET3 to learn from. When I was a boot ET back in '86, he taught me more tricks o' the COMM trade than I can remember. Seriously, a lot of what I taught other Sailors during my 20 about RF I learned by just chatting with him and asking questions. On the day he retired and departed the Kirk, I was working aloft on some pre-underway PM checks. Saw him cross the brow and head up the pier to the parking lot...I flew down the mack, crossed the brow, and ran after him still wearing that orange(ball-breaking) safety harness. Hollering at him to stop, he turned and looked at me somewhat bemused. Grabbing his hand to shake, I breathlessly thanked him for everything he taught me over the several months I had been aboard. Surprised him with this, and ALMOST got a tear from him! He quickly smiled, and told me I was going to do just fine... Then we said our farewells and went our seperate ways; never saw or heard of him again until now... Fair winds, "Chief Sparks," your kind won't be seen again in "our" Navy...Rest in Peace.
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Re: Rest in Peace, RMC Robert Randall (1946-2012)

Postby Bon » 02 Oct 2012 18:58

Thanks Michael for posting this tribute. Chief Randall was obviously a great mentor, shipmate, and an honorable Kirk crewmember.

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