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Time for a Beginning from an Ending

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Time for a Beginning from an Ending

Postby Glennt01 » 23 May 2015 02:21

Time has passed more quickly than what we have ever realized. But time does still exist. Time is now. Now is the present. What we do must be done because that time in not always going to be now, but gone.
To look back on time gone, time passed, is to look back that to look forward may be not a repeat but an improvement.
As the Kirk has sailed into so many lives and made such an impact, not on just those who benefited from the assistance provided but ever so much more relevant on those who gave of themselves willingly but not realizing the enrichment of their own beings and provisions of depth of soul. This gives rights to stand proud and be counted among those who strive throughout history to make what the United States stands for even a greater realization for the generations to follow.
The USS Kirk, the men who served aboard during the duress of war outcomes, has garnered that place in History to be placed among the annals of greats as history has so deemed to be lifted unto the times of greatness among the Patriots who served this great country.
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