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Looking for your Kirk shipmate?

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Looking for your Kirk shipmate?

Postby Bon » 15 May 2012 20:35

This section of the forum provides an assistance in locating your shipmates during your time aboard the Kirk. We know you have wondered where they are and would like to hook back up with them.

So post here those shipmates you are looking for. Give as much info as possible (Full name with initial, where their family is from, wife and kids names, rate and rank, years aboard and anything else you can think of).

The Kirk Association is dedicated to relocating all crewmembers. You cannot imagine how exciting it is to hook back up with your mates after years apart. It is amazing how the years melt away and the stories it generates (some true, some bs). It is what our reunions are made of.

Jim "Bon" Bongaard
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Re: Looking for your Kirk shipmate?

Postby westadlock » 02 May 2015 13:02

I am looking for ship mates, Ron Qualls, Robert Holman, Thomas Hickey,Tom Nolan, Danney Waller, Wally Bergner All mates were Machinist mates that worked in engine Room were serversd on boared from 1979 to 1982
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